On the Shelf: 5 New Authors

I’ve written a few times about discovering new authors, because when I get out there with my book, I want to know how to get in front of my audience.

But I also like to hear how other people discover new authors, because I’m always on the lookout for something interesting.

Here are the best 5 new books I’ve read in the past few months.  Now I’m going to stop you right here and say – these aren’t necessarily brand new authors to the rest of the world. They are new to me. They are people that I tried on a whim and fell in love with.

  • Meg Cabot – I just finished Insatiable a few nights ago, and I need to go find more books in that series. I love so much about it. Humor, a bright funny protagonist, a vampire who’s smart but by no means declawed.  Self-mocking vampire jokes. I have never enjoyed a vampire book quite as much as I did this one.  I haven’t read the Princess Diaries, but I have read a few other books by Cabot, and I adore her wit and style. Discovered this one by searching for the author’s name after enjoying a different book.
  • Jeffrey Overstreet – The instant I put down Auralia’s Colors, I ordered the sequel. Cyndere’s Midnight is proving to be just as engrossing and fluid, just as amazing.  There are tiny things that bug me – why call a squirrel a gorrel? Really? – but overall I love the characters, the world and the sense that all of this is leading up to something bigger than all of them.  Discovered this one via Recommended Reading module.
  • Ann Aguirre – The Sirantha Jax series is everything I want Salvaged to be. Fast-paced, darkly funny, and a little bit twisted.  I have been devouring Jax, and when I finish the most recent of those, I might have to delve into this author’s other books. My mom told me this was a must-read.
  • Anne Bishop – Bishop’s book, Sebastian, sat on my shelf for the better part of a year. It has a handsome man on the cover in a poet’s shirt and leather pants. The first words on the back cover describe Sebastian as an incubus.  I expected it to be brain candy – a little paranormal romance romp. Boy, was I wrong (and Boy, should those marketers rethink that cover!) Bishop’s world “Ephemera” is unlike any Fantasy I’ve ever read. It’s deep, complicated and engrossing. You get transported into this world, among these characters, and it’s really difficult to climb back out. I’ve got book 2 of that series burning a hole on my To Be Read shelf currently, but I have to wait until I have the concentration I know it will require.  I don’t quite remember how I happened across Sebastian. It might have been on the shelf of a friend?
  • Bill Willingham – I picked up volume one of Fables on a whim when I was tasting and trying new comics on for size a few months ago. I did not expect to dive into it headlong and come out clamoring for the sequel.  I am.  Liked the cover at the comic shop.

What author / book / series have you discovered recently that you’d recommend to others?


6 thoughts on “On the Shelf: 5 New Authors

  1. If you have any Sirantha Jax laying about that are after #3 – I sure would appreciate borrowing them! I have been sitting on PBS’s list for-ever! 🙂

    Thanks for the tips – made a note to check these out!

    As to how I find new authors, mostly from the blurbs in the books. What authors comment on them, then I check them out. Sometimes, rarely, it’s by reading an anthology. Then there is my daughter who reads similar fiction and whose opinion I value highly.

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