Grateful for Gratitude

I’ve decided that I’m going to do my very best to get all of our wedding Thank You notes out the door before the end of November. I don’t want them getting lost amidst holiday cards. I want to get them out in a short enough time that they are still polite.  What this means, though, is that I’m spending a good chunk of my free time writing thank you notes.

The last time I mentioned this, it was as a bad thing. Because writing thank you notes during my free time also means I’m not creating new fiction.  This time, I’m re-framing it as a very good thing.

These past few weeks have been seriously rough at the day job.  There are lay-offs on the table, and it’s a hard place to drag myself into every day. There are a lot of fears, a lot of “What ifs” and a lot of unknowns. Today, I realize that a good part of my generally better than most attitude is likely because of gratitude.

My effort to get these notes out means that I’m spending time every day thinking about people who are important in my life, thanking them for sharing in our joy, and thanking them for generosity.  I can’t measure how healing this absolutely has to be to my psyche.

Having a rough time? Try it. When you’re filling out holiday cards this year, really try to make them meaningful. The return on that investment is astounding.


What do you think?

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