Festivus? Christmakwanzakah? Midwinter shindig.

I’m not particularly religious of any sort.  I don’t self-identify as a Christian, or anything, really.  I dig religion. I just kind of dig all of them – particularly that part where they seem to intersect right around the Golden Rule.

Given that, I’m not being “politically correct” when I refer to the big party at the end of December as a generic Holiday.  I just don’t really have another appropriate word for it.

Most cultures, religions and creeds understand that we desperately need a party in the middle of the Winter. We need a reason to be happy during those dreary, cold, short days. We need an excuse to give each other gifts and be nice to each other.

Wrap it up with whatever beliefs you like, I believe that’s what it is, at its heart. I adore the holiday spirit.  So, the image on this post is one of me, with my Christmas Tree hat.

I wear this hat from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas day, then I switch to something normal, like a penguin hat.  I love wearing this hat. On the transit, about 95% of the people who see and hear me coming (I sewed jingle bells onto some of the tree limbs) avoid eye contact like I’m insane. The other 5% are delighted. Their faces light up before they get close enough to tell me how much they love it.  I get to make someone’s day just about every time I wear this thing.

Once, I lost this hat in a shopping mall. I went to the desk, and the woman had to apologize. She’d sent it down the way to the Santa workshop, because she’d assumed it had belonged to one of the elves.

Brett swears that this hat is one of the reasons he married me. I say that makes his standards in women really odd.


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