Umbrellas as a Key to Personality?

I remember taking a quiz – probably 10 years ago – that posed a question about umbrellas.  It used a scenario like leaving a theater to find that it was suddenly pouring. Do you wait it out? Do you dash through the rain and hope to stay dry? Do you dance in the rain and jump in puddles? Or do you always carry an umbrella.

Strictly type-A at the time, I always answered this one with the final option. I always carry an umbrella. (And I did.)

I realized, as I dashed through the rain the other day that my personality has shifted somewhere along the way. Sometimes I dash. Sometimes I carry the umbrella, but don’t bother with it. Sometimes I dance and play.  Sometimes, I even wait it out.

I’ve gotten a lot more flexible, and a lot more self-forgiving over the years. I see that shift in my response to this same silly quiz question.

Do you ever think about the difference between walking in the rain and getting rained on?


What do you think?

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