Mission Check-in

I’ve got three scattered sheets of paper thick with scribbled notes for my 2013 goals for this brand.   I am hammering out what’s reasonable, given my time and effort available.  I’m deciding on metrics that measure my success against my goals.

However, the original timeline doesn’t expire until mid-January. So I’m still officially working against the first set of goals that I created.

  • On Track.  I’m on track in terms of blog posts here on the SEO blog: One each Monday, one each Wednesday.  It’s not getting readership or traction, but that’s ok. It’s not my goal. I’m documenting my process. I’ll use it later. 
  • On Track.   Though it wasn’t in the original list, daily blog posts on the AK Anderson blog are also on track. I missed a few days in late October as I was still getting my feet under me.
  • Nowhere Near it.  2:1 follower: following ratio on Twitter is still really far off. I’ve grown from 80 followers in October to more than 150, but it’s slow going.  I’ve also followed a number of additional people, so the target for this ratio is up from 440 to almost 700.   I’m happy to continue this track organically, and might have to adjust expectations for 2013.
  • Almost there.  At least 10 blog readers per day. Actually, when I set this goal, I didn’t realize I was looking at pageviews, rather than visits. But, I’m still tracking, trying to get to 10 PVs per day. I am closer to this – averaging about 9 per day over the course of each week. I’ve also got 10 wordpress followers now, which is not a lot, but it’s a start.
  • DONE.  My blog appears in the first page of non-personalized google search results for my author name. This was an important goal. My blog also appears for a few other fun search terms (like “sci fi wedding gifts”).  I’ve got more SEO goals brewing for next year.
  • DONE.  Klout score is still above 60. I certainly want to maintain this. I so wish Klout included pinterest!

What do you think?

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