Author or Writer?

Am I an author?

I’m an author.

Ilona Andrews says I am.  This question was raised when I spotted this tweet yesterday afternoon:

I saw a tweet from someone today wondering when you're can call yourself an author instead of a writer. I've got an answer.

Her answer was that the work of an author is doing the business side of the publishing business: promoting, websites, problem resolutions.  The work of a writer is to simply write.

I asked whether queries and proposals counted toward authorship – if it were possible to be an unpublished author.  She replied that yes, absolutely that were possible.

I find this interesting.

I’ve called myself a writer for a long time.

I have to write to stay sane. I’ve had to do that since I was a teenager. I write because it’s a part of me. Getting the stories, thoughts and feelings out are essential to my makeup.  I’m a writer because I write.

I’m an author because I seek to enter the book business.


What do you think?

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