La Lune de Miel

Lately, I’ve been daydreaming about Greece.

I have a good reason to do so. That’s where Brett and I plan to take our honeymoon. Now, there could be big wrenches and bigger monkeys in the works, since my day job is talking about lay-offs. I have no idea whether I’d be impacted by those or not.  If I were to be laid off, then the honeymoon would be on hold until I got a new steady job.  (It would be silly to spend that kind of money if the bills weren’t paid.)

Brett’s drawn to the clear blue water and white-washed buildings that appear in the photos of the islands.  He’s drawn to the idea of laying on a beach.

I’m drawn to the crumbling temples and the mountaintop monasteries at Meteora.  I want to go to the Melissinos sandal shop and buy a pair of shoes and a book of poetry.

Take away the Glories and the Honors
The granite palaces of this vain world
And only give me the smile of Pain
The tear of Joy and I will erect
a thousand palaces in me in which to live.
(Athenian Rubaiyat)

It might take us a while to hammer out all of the details. I’m a go-do-see sort of vacationer. He’s a “I just want to relax” sort. I sense our first major marital compromise coming up.


What do you think?

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