Setting 2013 on Fire

I prefer to have “SMART” Goals for my resolutions, because when I do the really airy non-specific things, I feel sort of lost, and I don’t know whether I’ve accomplished anything real at the end of the year.

I also don’t want to weigh myself down. When I wrapped up 2011, I noticed that many of the long list of goals that I held were actually working at cross-purposes with one another.  There was little flexibility in that list.  I learned from hiking that it’s easier to plan ahead and pack light to begin with than it is to offload weight.  I liked last year’s base-weight.

This year I’m going to use Danielle LaPorte’s system from her Firestarter sessions. Start my plan with how I want to feel. I’m not going to recreate her “Strategy of Desire” session for you. I’m just going to tell you that the way I want to feel ALL YEAR in 2013 is: Invigorated, Generative, and Connected.


  • Boundless physical energy, a strong, healthy, active body
  • Alertness and awareness – aliveness


  • Creative ideas spilling out and bubbling over
  • Finishing creative projects – shipping them


  • Connectedness between Brett and I , between friends and family
  • Connectedness in the cosmic sense – compassion, oneness, energy, Namasté


Five to ten accomplishments or experiences that will make me feel Invigorated, Generative, and Connected in 2013:

  1. Go on a Greek honeymoon with Brett!
  2. Finishing Maaneshin script and submitting
  3. Working on the collaborative script project underway
  4. Get to my target weight the healthy way  (sleep, diet, fitness)
  5. Morning workouts for daily vigor
  6. Name change (exit identity limbo)
  7. Come up with a speaking topic for a conference and pitch it
  8. Publishing contract for Salvaged
    • Robust Author Platform to support that
    • Agent queries, etc (if necessary)
    • Get first draft of Quarantined done
    • Get Crashed printed in a magazine

I like framing it this way, because I can ask “Do I feel invigorated, generative, or connected?” when I’m assessing new projects or priorities as things shift in the months to come (as they invariably do).

11 thoughts on “Setting 2013 on Fire

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