Learning from my mistakes

Mistakes I continue to make that I’d like to learn from and avoid in the future:

  • Taking SO MUCH vacation time during the year that I have nothing left for Christmas.  This means I’m the entire office’s out of office contact.  It means I don’t have any down time for wrapping or baking or boxing.  It means when I most need a day with a book and a cat, I’m sitting at the office staring blankly at a to do list.
  • Biting off more than I can chew. I’m reading this book  about habits. Breaking old habits and starting new ones. I have a list about 20 habits long of things I’d like to incorporate into my daily life. This is perhaps a little to ambitious.  
  • Planning ahead on blog posts so I’m not writing them willy-nilly every morning and expecting them to be interesting. 
  • Not carving myself out enough alone time through the month of December.  *twitch* *twitch*


Sure, I’d love to attend your party. *twitch* Do I have to talk or can I just sit in the corner and hyperventilate?


What do you think?

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