The TBR (To Be Read) Shelf

I talk a lot about the books I’ve read, but rarely about the things I want to read.  My TBR shelves right now probably have about 30 or 40 books on them.

I’m in the middle of several series of titles.  These include series by  Gini Koch, Ann Aguirre, Jim Butcher, Carrie Vaughn, Anne Bishop, MaryJanice Davidson, Christine Feehan, Charles de Lint, and others.

In addition to those, I’ve got new things I want to explore. Usually these are the first books in a series, or they are stand- alones.  This includes everything from A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness to non fiction books about internet privacy.

There is no way I could catalog the TBR for you. It’s extensive. There are books two layers deep spanning two shelves of a large 8′ tall bookcase. I like it that way.

Right now, I’m reading an ARC I found on a stack of free books at the office. Making Habits, Breaking Habits by Jeremy Dean. It’s due out next month.  I’m on page 106 of 228, and I really hope he gets past the backstory and into the How To portion of things before I give up.  I have some habits I’d like to revamp, so I’m hoping this little book will help me on my way (doing yoga each morning instead of hitting the snooze button is a big one).

I’ve also got China Mieville’s  The Scar in my carry-on-the-train bag.  I made it about halfway into the first chapter when I realized I might have to come back to this one. It’s really not grabbing me.

Part of my disinterest in reading is probably my overstimulation (mentioned yesterday), but I also know that I can get into a good book more easily when I’m overstimulated as long as it’s the right tone and topic. Maybe I need something lighter. Some brain candy, perhaps? Hmmmmm.

What’s on your TBR?


4 thoughts on “The TBR (To Be Read) Shelf

  1. My TBR list could keep me occupied for the rest of my life! I have two downloaded books on my iPad right now that have not been read. One is a Jennifer Wiener novel (I’m a sucker for chick lit) and the other is titled “Revere, In Those Days” by Roland Merullo…a coming of age story that has been personally recommended to me. But for Christmas I received the self-help/psychology books called “Archetypes” by Caroline Myss and I’m addicted…can’t put it down. I have an obsession with self-discovery, so it’s totally suiting me. Great question though. Again, I’ll never NOT have a TBR shelf!

  2. Mary Janice is fluffy – might be a good break!

    I only have two books in my TBR pile. The first is by Lisa Shearin called Armed and Magical – its a first book in a series. The other is by Seressia Glass and is titled Shadow Blade, also a first book. I highly recommend the Deborah Harnkess series. I have read both and would definitely read any further books. The most recent non-fiction book I read was called No Easy Day by Mark Owen. Probably not your typical female read – but I wanted the information and got it.

    Now my Wish List on the other hand – that’s a TOTALLY different story! It has about 60 books on it. Most of which I will patiently wait until they appear on Paperback Swap. Some I will have to go get because I just don’t want to wait any longer!

    • I’m reading a book of short stories along with the habit book right now. I needed low-commitment. About to go into an unplugged weekend, so I’ll probably read a LOT 😀

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