2013 goals for SEO and my Author Platform

Because I’ve got some goals that are tied to long-term plans surrounding the author platform, I’m going to cover those first.

I still agree with the original goals that I set up through the beginning of 2013, so I’m going to start with those and expand on them. Klout is fine, and the first page spot for my author name looks secure. I’m okay with a #7 ranking. I just wanted to be on there somewhere.

Twitter goal for @A_K_Anderson will continue to be a 2:1 ratio. That means I want to have 2 people following me for every 1 person I follow by December 31, 2013 (this equates to roughly 600-800 followers, depending upon how many I am following).  I’m going to put it out there that my big goal for twitter gains is going to be influencer reach-out and marketing. We’ll see how that goes.

Blog goals for the Author blog will be to average 20 page views during the week on the blog (10 page views on weekends); Average 2 comments per post.  (Page views are a tad higher than visits, as a measurement, but that’s what I’ve been using all along.  The blog will need some continued work:

  • daily posts, of course, are necessary
  • need sample works, excerpts, freebies
  • I will need to update the designs and make it more visually appealing
  • and of course, I need to use more photos in my posts
  • I’d also like to target at least 10 SEO visits per week to get exposure to people via search instead of Twitter

Other social goals for the Author platform include maintaining weekly posts on Facebook, continuing to build reach and get the word out. I am not setting fan-number goals for that one though, I will let it grow naturally for the time being.  The same goes with Pinterest. I’ll keep using it and maintaining natural growth, but it’s not a target area. I know that both Facebook and Pinterest are powerful engagement tools, however, at this stage in  the game, I have very little to engage users.  For now, I’m content to let those areas just grow organically to support everything else.

However, I do need to pay more attention to Google +. I would dearly love to have an author callout, to be a recommended person to follow, to get some exposure on Google as a viable marketed entity. It will take effort (because G+ is sort of a pain, and not something I do for fun), but I think it could have bigger long-term impact.

Now, for the SEO goals.

One of the things that I added to my 2013 list was to “Come up with a speaking topic for a conference and pitch it.”   The more I think about it, the more I believe that this might be around building an author platform. About creating a brand from scratch.  This might have authors as a target audience, with social media and website advice, and offering ideas for time management and prioritization.   It might also be retargeted at social and SEO folks to show – what – concentrated application of best practices and net effect?  To show new tricks I learned along the way? Or to show that you don’t have to be marketing anything to build a brand.

I’m also going to focus on some of the SEO basics stuff. I’m going to build a page on this site that is evergreen based on some of the presentations I’ve created in the past. I might even make it an eBook.  I’ve got a few speaking events in the near future, so I’ll be able to use some of the same information for all of these.


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