Laptopocalypse Averted!

Last Saturday, I decided that I was going to purchase myself a new laptop. I had a list of specs, comparative prices, I knew which brands I was okay with, and which brands I didn’t want. I was going to be hard-nosed. I was going to be logical (Spock-like, even). I was not going to be swayed by….


So, um. Yeah. *drags foot in circles*

I bought a new laptop.

I bought a shiny, pretty little ASUS that weighs 2.8 lbs. It is shorter, narrower, thinner and lighter than my old laptop, and I’m in love. I had to get an external CD/DVD reader writer thingy, because it wouldn’t fit in this tiny little laptop. (I use it enough to warrant the purchase, but not enough to worry that it’s an external drive, if that makes sense.)

It has a touch screen, which if I’m going to have to adjust to Windows 8, I might as well enjoy the full functionality of the new OS. I’m not wild about the fact that everything has to be funneled through an MSN account if you want to use all of the fun apps. I’ve used the app store enough to get myself a Google button and a few other goodies that interest me.

People think I’m weird wandering around laptop displays opening notepad documents and typing several sentences, but because the primary use of this laptop is writing, it had better have a good keyboard feel, the stupid touch-mouse had better not get in the way (my last-legs HP model had an off switch for the integrated mouse, which I think should be standard), and the delete key needs to be somewhere I can find it without hunting!

My new baby has all of the above.  I bought my last laptop almost exactly 5 years ago, and it’s taken me a while to really customize it and get it where I want it in terms of software.  I know where I’m headed with most of the tweaks.

I’ve already transferred all of my documents, photos and data files, but I’m still working on music. Thank goodness for homegroup networking, so I can just grab my music from one PC and put it on the other!  I’m also taking this chance to decide which music to not include in my new world. It’s nice to have this “spring cleaning” feeling to my electronic world.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the dying laptop.  I might just have it wiped and recycled. Knowing me, I will probably hang onto it for sentimental reasons for a few months.

Here’s to a shiny, new productive year in 2013!


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