I’m part of a creative group that has been formed to lift one another up, and surround us with other people making art.   We have an assignment: any creative project surrounding the concept of “ice” due today, 1/15.  Usually, I write for my assignments. This time, I decided to paint.  I did two 4″ square paintings that are about the idea of ice.

When I brainstormed the concept of ice, I remembered the book The Hidden Messages in Water by Masuro Emoto, and the ice crystals that formed because of words and intentions. It was a lovely thought, but beyond “hidden message”, I couldn’t come up with anything to write about it.  Then I thought about a frozen pond. A frozen lake. Even a frozen puddle. What’s hidden is precisely what is so thrilling about ice.

This first painting is about that idea: the shadow that lurks underneath that frosty layer. The top can glisten and sparkle. It might groan and wince against the shore. It might hold a layer of snow. But that world that lies beneath the ice is a little scarier than the ice itself.

Ice and shadow by AK Anderson

by AK Anderson 1/14/13

The second painting is taking that lurking danger a little farther. The frightening part about stepping onto it is the concept of falling through that crisp layer into something else entirely. This one includes a layer of careful crackle medium to shatter the layer of ice. To destroy the illusion of stillness.

by AK Anderson 1/15/13

by AK Anderson 1/15/13


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