Well hello, there!

Very nice to meet you, come on in. Can I get you anything? Coffee? Water? Tea?  Oh, I have a lot of tea to choose from! Right now I’ve got a pot of spicy chai oolong that has this great cinnamon — Oh, you like Earl Grey? Gotcha, here you go. One Earl Grey, hot.

Feel free to introduce yourself here, to tweet me a hello. I like to chat. I like to get to know new people.  That’s the whole reason I’m introducing myself now.

During the day, I’m an SEO and internet marketing specialist for a big website you’ve probably visited. I tend to talk about food and fitness a lot because it’s an area of constant need for improvement in my life.  I read more than most, and I read anything I can get my hands on. I don’t watch TV or movies very often but when I do, they are sci-fi, fantasy or superheroes. I’m  gigantic introvert, and frequently have to lock myself in a room with my cat and a pot of tea (like right this moment). All of the above can be summed up by saying I’m a geek in just about every way possible.

At night, I write fiction. I submitted my completed dystopian science fiction manuscript to HarperVoyager during their big open-sub process in October. At this point, I have not heard from them. That actually means my story is still under consideration.  Until I have heard from them, one way or another, I’m not plunging forward with seeking traditional publishing channels. This is actually kind of nice, because I’ve been able to step back from that work and do other things.

The other things I’ve been working on include a sci-fi graphic novel, several short stories, an epic fantasy that was supposed to be a wedding gift for my husband that’s still not done. (We’ve been married since November, but our honeymoon’s not til May, so it counts, right?)

If you’re new to my blog:

This blog actually has posts that date back as far as 2005. Don’t be confused by that. It’s just that I consolidated most of my posts in a single place. I’ve been an online writer a blogger for a very long time.  I have also been a poet and a fiction writer for a very long time, but until recently, I’ve kept that under wraps.

What you’ll find here are posts that have very little cohesion. I write what bubbles up. I share poetry at random. I share excerpts or whole stories. I share scribblings and rough drafts. If there’s something that’s bugging me, I’m likely to write about it.  Mostly, this is because those are the blogs I like to read. I like to read non-sequitors. Sure, I want to know what’s going on with a person’s chosen field. But I also want the silly day-to-day stuff. It makes everyone feel more human and connected. At least that’s how it works in my brain.

If you’re new to my Twitter feed:

I have been using Twitter under various aliases for about five years.  I like to converse via retweets. I like to chat. I pontificate, and I like to share links I find interesting. I know I tweet a lot, and I’m sorry.  I’m excitable like that.  I hope I’m sometimes at least moderately entertaining.

I hope you like to converse, too. I unfollow people who repeat the same auto-tweets every three days. I also unfollow people who only have their book to sell and nothing else to say.

I believe in the Wheaton’s law of “Don’t be a dick.” and I do try to play nicely with others. I have far too little time in a day to spend it feeding trolls.

Questions for you:

Please randomly tweet me just one of your answers without context and see how confused I get, or leave your answers in the comments – whichever you prefer…

  • When you forget your umbrella do you get rained on, or walk in the rain?
  • What color is the sky when you nudge the person beside you and breathe “Hey, look at that!”?
  • What is your preferred vehicle for caffeine? If you are the decaf sort of person, what is your worst vice?
  • What makes you feel more connected to the people around you?
  • Use three words to describe something or someone that you love with no reservation and all of your heart – but don’t tell me who or what it is.

If you’re still wondering who I am and what I’m about, here are a few posts you might want to read:

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