Found in the attic: Wonder Woman and “The Secret of the Magic Tiara”

comic book cover and record

I couldn’t resist posting this!  I stumbled across this little lovely while rooting around in the attic last week.

This was officially the first comic book I’ve ever read, and I assure you, I read and re-read it.

I am certain that I owned this gem during the peak of my WW frenzy. Those were the years when Lynda Carter still played the Amazon Princess on television after school. The years when I wore my WW underoos as part of playtime rather than as actual underwear, and I insisted upon owning a yellow jump-rope to use as a lasso, of course.

Even more amusing is the results of a search about this comic, I found a youtube recording of the little 45 rpm record that was tucked in the pocket in the back.  The voices are really pretty horrible and nasal, but it was targeted straight into my child’s brain.

There are no credits anywhere in this book.   This blog is the closest I can come to credits for its creators.

page of WW comic


Was it Influential?

One thing I have to wonder is what impact this little book may or may not have had on my growing brain.

I particularly love this sequence without captions. The recording manages it by using splashing sounds and intense music, and it expects you to flit between the left and right pages of the spread. I am usually drawn to the portions of comics that are a series of images without dialogue. I have to wonder if this shark sequence – with the little boy’s dangling legs above Wonder Woman – might be part of the reason why.



The storyline has a good bit of action for a kids’ comic, including double-crosses upon double-crosses.

In the end, the girls stick together against the bad guy and save the day.

Wonder Woman deliberately lied to her friend Sandra earlier in the tale – she told her that she was stealing her boyfriend and it broke the girl’s heart.  The reader doesn’t find out until the last page that this was a lie to get closer to Mitch and his nefarious plot, and to get Sandra out of the way.

After the requisite “You can’t do anything when a man shackles you like this” scene, Sandra sneaks in and provides WW with her means of escape, freeing her up to go save the day.  Sandra doesn’t have much of a motivation to help Wonder Woman in this thin plot. Mitch is a jerk to her in one panel.

I find the Sandra character interesting now, as an adult.  Why did she go back to save WW? Did this tell mini-AK that friendship / sisterhood is more important than a guy?

What do you think?  Do you know of early books that have influenced you?


4 thoughts on “Found in the attic: Wonder Woman and “The Secret of the Magic Tiara”

  1. This is sooooooo geeky cool lady! I geeked when you found it, I geek now. So flippen cool!!! “In the end the girls stick together against the bad guy and save the day” <—- they just don't write them so eloquently simplistic like that anymore. Thank you for sharing it!! SO COOL!!!!

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