Peep Show of “Salvaged”

My friend Melanie has challenged me to give you a Peep!  Of course, I had to find the right photo of myself doing that pin-up “Whoops are you looking up my skirt?” face to add to this post….


The Peep Show Challenge rules are that I must go to the 77th page of my manuscript, count down 7 lines and then provide the world with a glimpse of the next 7 lines.

I’ve excerpted an earlier draft of Salvaged from pages before, but that glimpse was around page 30-31 or so, and it was carefully selected to be tantalizing.

Unfortunately for you, the 77th page is a tiny bit of exposition about the structure of the Corps:

Mistral nodded. “At first, it also included paramilitary emergency responders -from FEMA to EMS – the Corps wanted everyone still standing who could follow a protocol. Now it’s everything from hospitals to trains and electric companies.”

“How did they reconcile the different organizations, the different ranks?” I wondered whether I was essentially a Private, or if I’d even made it past boot camp yet.

“There really aren’t many ranks in the Corps. The Army rank I had before the Crash just stayed put. There is a little bit of seniority, and a few promotions between Units, but mostly the best man or woman for the job does the job.”

I know that’s more than seven lines, but I could end it in the middle of a sentence. I just couldn’t.

Of course, the challenge must be passed on. Hmmmm…. who would I like to give us a Peep?

I think the Peep Show Challenge should be passed to:

  • Cylithria  – who is as wild and fun as she is kind and supportive
  • A. C. Wise – who might have convinced me to join the Month of Letters Challenge (more on that in a bit)
  • Jen Foehner Wells – whose WIP I’m dying to read more of!

5 thoughts on “Peep Show of “Salvaged”

  1. a) I wanna do Month of Letters….where’s the link you weenie. Taunting us! 😉
    b) sure, lable me the wild one……… **runs for her latest erotic manuscript and cackles maniaclly**
    c) Be careful what ya wish for, ya just might get it….. mwahahahahah

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