A Glimpse at Chaos

I mentioned on Monday that I haven’t been blogging ahead this week. I also mentioned that inside my head it’s pretty chaotic all of the time.

I don’t have a blog post planned for today. (I really need to work on that.)

So, in honor of Monday’s post, I’ve decided to throw down a bulleted list of all of the crazy Mr. Greenjeans ping-pong-balls that are bouncing around inside my skull.

Brace yourself, it’s about to get messy.

  • When is our house guest coming in tonight? Will anyone be there when she arrives?
    • God the front porch is a travesty. I need to work on the outside of the house, and call Victor back about getting that tree taken down. When is there daylight that Brett isn’t asleep so I can use a hammer? Saturday? Sunday?
  • Did Brett say the car would be ready today? If so, does that mean I need to take off so we can Zipcar down to hither thither and yon to go get it? 
    • Did he ever get those papers notarized?
      • when is he getting up today so I can ask him all of these questions?
  • I have an appointment this afternoon. Should I move it? It’s going to depend upon when our house guest is arriving and whether I need to go get the car. HOW WILL I KNOW? Gah.
  • I hear the whistle of Baton Bob down in the street, and the fog has finally lifted so I might be able to see him.
  • On #askagent last night, my current plan of waiting til I hear back from Harper Voyager was put to the test. Eric Ruben said I shouldn’t wait to start doing my agent queries.  That means a lot of things need to shift, if I’m going to come out of stasis.
    • Am I ready to haul out Salvaged  for another read-through and revision? I know the problem areas that are still nagging me. I was trying to give it some time and space to rest before I go back through it.
    • Do I want to have Beta readers attack it before, during or after that reread?
    • I think I need to finish my backstory short story (Crashed) before I delve back into Salvaged.  I might be able to use the work I’m doing there, somehow.
    • Should I import that monster into Scrivener?
    • What about Maaneshin? I don’t want to lose momentum there.
    • What’s the priority? Where is my passion leading me? << that’s the question. (Lately I’ve been reading a lot, which is a good thing, but it’s not balanced out by the writing. Hence, no blog posts scheduled….)
  • I need to call the passport office and make an appointment.
  • I want to create a pinnable, tweetable image that explains why I unfollow people, or why I don’t follow them in the first place. I want to teach these people how to use Twitter rather than just ignore them and be annoyed by them.
  • I want to write a blog post about how to manage Twitter well without spending all day there
  • Oh, and thanks to social graph search on Facebook, my author friends need to know how and why they should set up facebook pages, too. God, this never ends, does it.
  • I still have to follow up on those Amazon SEO stats, and get those blogs posted.
    • Speaking of Amazon SEO, I want to set a personal goal to review books that I love on Amazon and goodreads. And I want to get other readers, book-lovers to pledge to do the same. I want people to set number-goals for how many reviews they are going to write.
  • I have to move my dentist appointment, because it conflicts with that Brandon Sanderson signing we want to go to.
  • I have to move my chiropractor appointment because it conflicts with that SEMPO networking thing I’ve signed up to attend
  • Website redesign, need to touch base with the designer so I can get both blogs and everything under the same domain
  • I still haven’t taken those Greek lessons for the honeymoon. I need to get on that.
  • I’m behind on Lettermo. It is forgivable, but I need to at least send notes to my friends on that site. At least I got all but the last Thank You note out the door for the wedding (That last one is a doozy, and it’s hard to write. There are a lot of shoulds around it, and I’m just not sure how I can tackle it authentically. I like to be real when I’m communicating gratitude, and this one is hard.)
  • I really should get back to work, all of the things I can let run in the background are done running. Now I have to actually concentrate.

PS: Extra points if you got the Captain Kangaroo reference.

PPS:  If you have any interest in blog posts mentioned above, please tell me, this is an unprioritized mess.


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