Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I really enjoy getting to know new people on Twitter. It’s a neat way to glimpse into personalities, senses of humor and common interests.  One of my relatively new Twitter friends, CJ Sullivan, just nominated me for the “Very inspiring blogger award”!

This isn’t so different from the Liebster, so I should be able to do it quickly and easily, right? (Right?)

Here are the rules for this one:

1. Display the award logo on your blog. (check!)
2. Link back to the person who nominated you. (check!)
3. State 7 things about yourself. (see below – check!)
4. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award. (eeep. I’ll see how many I can nominate….)
5. Notify those bloggers of their nomination by leaving a comment/link-back on one of their blog posts. (hang on, hang on, I’m getting there)

7 things about myself not already mentioned?  I’m pretty random, but I’m not sure I’ve got even more random details about myself. You already know I don’t watch TV. You already know I grew up in the middle of nowhere. You know I have a day job in SEO and internet marketing.

  1. I write because it keeps me from going crazy. I journal long hand for that, though recent blog posts have had that vibe, too.
  2. I’m probably going to be doing Morning Pages for a while. I drift away from Julia Cameron and then drift back to her over the years. I’m in a drifting-back motion right now.
  3. I write because it keeps the people around me from going crazy.  My husband says I start building backstory and character arcs when I try to tell him about my day. He complains when I build suspense around the answer to the question “What’s for dinner?”  When I do this, he points me at my laptop and very sternly says “Go write.”
  4. Inspired by CJ’s factoid- I was a varsity Fencer in college. I fenced foil because I wasn’t aggressive enough for epée. I took it back up as an adult and wouldn’t mind keeping it on as a hobby.
  5. In the seventh grade, I wore headgear to school. Along with my gigantic, plastic pink-framed glasses. I went to the small-town school where everyone was there from kindergarten through graduation. Even though I got contacts, lost the braces and all associated appliances, and started looking relatively cute by high school, the available dating pool had a long memory.  I didn’t date much. 
  6. Because I deleted this factoid on my about page, I’ll add it in here. I majored in International Affairs and Modern Foreign Languages in college. I studied Spanish, French and German. I also have a graduate certification (roughly half a Master’s degree) in Spanish/English translation.  I used to be fluent in Spanish, now it’s rusty at best.  It comes back to me if I practice, so I eavesdrop on people on the train.   My French is passable enough I can forget to turn on subtitles when I watch Amelie, but it would take some practice to get back up to snuff.  My German is good enough to order beer, find the bathroom and make sure I’m on the right train. I  learned when visiting there that if I carefully composed the first question in German and then confessed my lack of speaking ability, the Germans and Austrians were happy to help me in English.   I speak enough back-country Russian slang to make a cabbie howl with laughter.  I’m learning Greek for the honeymoon, and I’m hoping to get it somewhere between the current levels of Russian and German.
  7. Speaking of the honeymoon, I just got married in November, and we’re honeymooning in May. We dated for about 6 years prior to the wedding, so that part doesn’t feel like it changed much. I do, however really like it when people use the Agent Smith voice to call me Mrs. Anderson (only one person has, so far…..).

I’m not going to hit 15 bloggers – but here ya go.  This is a selection of blogs that I follow via my WordPress reader.

  1. apprentice, never master”
  2. small doodle with great love
  3. Laila Blake
  4. The Daily Dahlia
  5. Lost and Found
  6. Rebecca J. Stahr’s Sketch Blog
  7. Little Cubicle

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