So much to say and nothing to say at all

I am overwhelmed with the need to write. Overwhelmed with the things I need to work on. Overwhelmed by the stuff of daily life.

I want to sit down and work it all out. I want to hash over it and get my head screwed on straight.  I want to write it down. Vent it.

Not today. Or at least, not this morning.

I fear opening the floodgates. I fear setting the locks open to let the dammed lake flow into the river. It will come too fast, too hard. It will overwhelm and flood the riverbed and the streams. It will clog the system with my need.

I am sitting with discomfort lately. Sitting with the unknowns and the fears that swirl around me right now. I’m sitting with it, and I’m living in it. Eventually, the sluggish river will flow fast and strong. Eventually.

But not today.


What do you think?

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