Sorry So Sloppy

My blog has been all over the place. My handwritten letters for the Month of Letters challenge have been all over the place. My personal life has been all over the place.

When I was a kid, and we didn’t have cell phones to text notes to one another, my friends and I would write notes. We would spend an entire study hall writing one note to a friend.  It was how we caught up even though we were in class. It was how we talked even though we would only get ten minutes on the telephone in the evening.

At the bottom of these notes, we’d have all sorts of goofy acronyms. Stuff that people on the internet would assume came from the kids on Tumblr or Twitter or something.  They would be stuff like LYLAS, and SSS or TTYL.  TTYL (talk to you later) is one of the only ones that seems to have survived the onslaught of internet.  LYLAS stood for “love you like a sister”. And SSS was always “Sorry So Sloppy” – my apology for my atrocious handwriting. A second set of SSS could be added for “Sorry So Short” but I rarely have that problem.

(My handwriting didn’t really improve until I decided to redesign it during my 20s. I think it coincided with my decision to journal. I stopped trying to write in pure cursive, and added in a lot more printed letters to the mix. Now, my handwriting is damned near elegant when I want it to be.  The first time I wrote my friend Jessica with this improved penmanship she actually commented on it in her reply!)

At any rate, my sloppily scribbled notes were sloppy because I was hurrying. They were sloppy because I was passionate. Sometimes they were sloppy because I owed several people notes and had to fire them off quickly to be sure to get them done before the next bell.  I think right now my blog, my letters, my to do lists are equally sloppy – possibly for the same reasons.

I am trying to get myself organized again. As I mentioned, I am trying to do 30 minutes a day on fiction.  I’m also doing my morning pages for Finding Water.  I’ve only got a few more days of the Month of Letters to finish up, and then that will be done as well.   For the blog, I’m going to go back to my content plan – go back to my original strategy – and I’m going to set aside time to work on it and pre-schedule posts.

Slowly, surely, things are getting organized. Sorry so sloppy – I’m working on it.


2 thoughts on “Sorry So Sloppy

  1. Slow and steady is good. It takes time for things to re-order themselves if things have been askew for a while. The fact that you have the intention and that you’ve started is enough. Just set the intention afresh every day.. 🙂

  2. …part of the reason why the envelope I have waiting to send to you won’t get mailed until week’s end. No pressure. Just a ‘thinking of you’ thing.

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