So, I Drew A Cartoon

I am a dragon cartoon


I more or less quoted my husband for the words in the above drawing. He frequently tells me he’s a dragon when we share the bathroom and he’s in the shower.  It makes me giggle. This drawing makes me giggle, but I don’t know whether it “works” for anyone outside the pair if us weirdos.

My stepdad sent us a “how to draw dragons” book a few weeks ago, and Ethan was daunted. I thought it looked like great fun. This drawing is my first attempt at using the techniques in the book.  It’s not bad for my first dragon.


11 thoughts on “So, I Drew A Cartoon

  1. I love it! And the story-line is hilarious. I love to see a relationship that seems filled with imagination and creativity. I will now think of myself with dragon potential from now on, in the shower. I must confess to having wished several times, between the seconds of me pulling the shower nob and the water touching my skin, that I would be turned into a mermaid, but sadly I write this to you fin-less, but filled with a renewed sense of hope. I feel the makings of an excellent children’s story somewhere in the middle of all this. I like it.
    And a big bravo to your ravishing dragon.

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