Month of Letters Challenge Post Mortem

Jane Austen letter

Today is the last day of the Month of Letters challenge. I have made a showing, though I didn’t complete the challenge to the letter.

The first week was tough. I ended up writing six letters one Thursday night to send them all out en masse on Friday. After that, I did manage one letter per day for a while.  I did complete all of the letters that were on my to-do-list to send. There are no more thank you notes left to write.  There are no more letters to friends I miss.

Toward the 21st or so, my stress got high and my gumption got low. I had written most of my lettermo penpals, and had not heard back from many of them.  I was tired of thinking of things to write to strangers. I was tired of thinking about another task to do every day.

So I stopped.

I did get a few of the cute badges they awarded for mailing a week of letters, for sending certain kinds of cards, or using a different mailbox.  I did reply to every piece of mail I received.  I also got discouraged when I didn’t get any mail at all back from the people I was trying to correspond with.

Did I learn anything from the challenge?

That I prefer faster means of communication. That I value the give and take that it allows for.  That I don’t like pressuring myself to do something that gives me so little in return.  That while I appreciate my friends and loved ones, I don’t want to have to mail things every day.   I like getting offline and doing things longhand, but this challenge ended up frustrating me, more than drawing me into a slower-paced world.

I don’t know whether those were very valuable lessons, but that’s what I take out of this Month of Letters.





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