What Art is in your Soul?

I am delighted that my “Books in my Soul” post last week got people thinking about the creative works that impacted their lives.  Yesterday one of my favorite people on Twitter wrote her own post about the books that she carries as a part of herself.

Pet Portraiture

I painted this portrait of Lingo years ago. It is supposed to look like a school picture. I don’t think it is something I carry in my soul, but I do think it is something I carry with me.  This is the best thing I’ve ever painted.

Lingo’s here to remind you that it doesn’t have to be just books or movies. It can be any form of art.

What’s in your Soul? Please comment and let me know!


12 thoughts on “What Art is in your Soul?

  1. And I love your art work, too, btw. Impressionism are my favorite kind of paintings… it appears in sharing the art in your soul, you have shared a painting where you have given the subject a soul too. Aren’t those the very best? Paintings with soul.

  2. I have tattoos, they are most definitely art. Tattoos, if done for very personal reasons and not on a whim, should become part of the soul. Mine have meaning only to me and I do share what they mean if asked, but do not volunteer.

    • Interesting. I don’t think I’ve considered my tattoos to be part of the art in my soul. They are more… of my soul. Almost the opposite idea, they express part of me to the outside world. The idea of the art in my soul is more about taking the outside world into myself. My books and writing are more closely akin to my tattoos – the pushing out of my essential self into the world, rather than drawing the world inside me.

  3. Well, my soul is a rockstar in the shower, and also a piano-playing diva–when no one’s listening. 😉 I like your painting! I wonder how many of us “creative types” who are passionate about a particular outlet also long to be expressive in other areas, too.

    • I think your rockstar diva soul should shine forth! When’s opn mic night? 😀

      I use other forms of creative play to lighten up, to loosen up, to noodle. I find creating relaxing and cathartic no matter the form.

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