Living in the Revisions

This week, I missed two blog posts because I was out sick from work, and then out sick from life. Pretty sure “sick” was more a combination of seasonal allergies and exhaustion, but I slept for 19 of the 24 hours on the day I called out from work.  I needed a collapse day.

This weekend, I intend to get back on track. I have six really cool blog posts half-written in drafts. They are good, but they all deserve time and attention – gifts I have not had this week.  Today, I will work on them, preschedule them, move forward.

I’m also working on Salvaged this morning. Today, I’ve reread the first three chapters (the ones I’m the least happy with) and figured out a number of ways I can retain my plot, but better intensify the movement. It will also give me a better tool for explaining stuff to the reader. It’s going to take a lot of work.  I’m terrified about moving this piece out of “done” status and back into “draft”. I had known it was likely. I’m still not happy about it.  I’m not delving into that just yet. I need to run on it. To sleep on it. I need to let the ideas marinate and mature.

Speaking of marinating ideas, I haven’t touched Maaneshin since last weekend. I went off on a tangent in the plot that I’m not sure about.  It brought up the larger question of structure within the piece, and I realized that I needed to determine that before I could decide the fate of this tangent.  I’ve been sitting with my outline, then, for a while.  I’ve been reading more comics and trade paperbacks of comics to better understand how I feel about the way the arcs work.  I have been learning how to write episodes in a series, rather than one long novel.  I’ve decided to chunk the piece into either 4 or 6 episodes (not sure quite how I’m doing that yet).  Each one will have its own mini-arc that contributes to the larger story arc from end to end.

It’s hard to get to the page every day and “create” when I’m living in revisions. When I’m thinking about plot arcs and big picture graphs of the work, it’s hard to sit down and add words to the page. I’ll get there. Right now, I’m sort of floating in the notes and the pictures I’m sketching.   I’ll be able to write fresh words soon enough (I’m only 2/3 of the way through that Maaneshin draft). Right now, though, I’m going back to my world of revisions.


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