Overheard at my House

“I”m thinking about rewriting the first three chapters,” I blurt.

“Of Salvaged?” my husband asks, incredulous.


“Don’t freak out,” he says, patting my hand.

“I’m not freaking out. I think I’m going to do it as if it’s a writing exercise, just try it in a different document and everything. You know, not take it so seriously. I’ll just give it a shot, see how it goes… I think it could make the whole thing so much stronger…”

Brett takes my hand, saying nothing.

“I’m freaking out.”

“I know.”




8 thoughts on “Overheard at my House

  1. I think like Charlie, that actually re-writing will be a good thing, even if all it does is show you that what you wrote in the first place is what is right. Without doing the re-write you;ll never know, You’ll only gain from the process. Good on you!

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