On Water and Words

“I need your help brainstorming blog post ideas,” I told Brett, and he gave me one concept. One thought.   “That’s not a storm. That’s barely a brain drizzle. It’s more like a brain mist….”

Yes, I was being a brat.

However, this conversation reminded me of a journal entry about a “Rain of thought”.

I have long held that I don’t have a train of thought. I have rains of thought. Occasionally, there are rivulets that create streams down the windowpane. Those are the closest I get to connecting one thought into the next.

Sometimes, they are downpours. Sometimes scattered showers.

Yesterday, trying to write blog posts and work on the rewrite…. yesterday felt like a drought.

I’m not going to draw this out. This has been a tough weekend for writing. The ideas are there, but they are cumulonimbus.


2 thoughts on “On Water and Words

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