Hunting for Home Remedies

I think I put everything I had into yesterday’s post. I have been fighting a sinus infection, and it’s now a chest infection. Doctor’s appointment has been made.

In Salvaged, there is a mysterious elixir that is a home remedy Careen’s family uses to survive pandemic flu strains and epidemic viruses and bacterial infections. It includes oil of oregano and a number of other natural remedies that will cure what ails you.  If you want to know what it tastes like, I recommend buying Oil of Oregano at your local health food store and giving it a shot.  Here’s the excerpt that describes it:

“Yuck,” he said, looking at the green and black flakes floating in the jar, “I’m not taking that.” I knew he didn’t believe it worked. Fine, it didn’t need faith to do its job.

“You’re taking this if you want to live,” I told him, wagging the spoon in his direction. “I’m not burying you.” I didn’t think I would be allowed back into Atlanta if he died.

He grunted and turned his face away from me.

 “Now,” I took a deep breath, turning back to the jar of elixir. “This stuff tastes like hell,” I warned him. I wasn’t sure how much to warn him, so I understated, “It burns, it’s really strong, and it feels like it is going to kill you long before it gets you better.”

“Nice,” Mistral tried to laugh, “I don’t think I want any.”

“Okay, you want to die?” I asked.

“No,” he said.

“Then you’re taking it,” I cocked an eyebrow, “Besides, it will give you another sample. A person with E4 who lived without an IV….”

I felt bad since he was being so trusting. I knew from experience how awful the elixir was. It burned with a barrage of flavor and scent and heat. Tears sprang to his eyes, and I could tell the area under his tongue was probably already numbing. A little drool appeared at the corner of his mouth. I remembered how my mouth always flooded with saliva in response, an instinctive need to dilute the sensation.

I knew it was also too much scent, he probably felt like he was choking and couldn’t breathe around the fumes of the stuff.

I’ve just danced and winced my way through a dose, because we’re out of capsules.  Many people are telling me to start supplementing my diet with honey (darn it, that means I need to drink more tea!) and it sparked a question in my mind….

What are your favorite home remedies?

Some of my go-tos are:

  • Neti pot (with previously boiled water) for decongestant
  • Honey (purported to work on everything from infections to allergies to cancer to hemorrhoids)
  • Oil of oregano (infections, almost a natural antibiotic, without the need for yogurt)
  • chamomile, peppermint, any number of soothing, relaxing herbs
  • supplements: C, D and Zinc

Leave a comment with your favorite way to deal with feeling under the weather (that isn’t over the counter).

2 thoughts on “Hunting for Home Remedies

  1. Three of my top faves: Apple Cider Vinegar – particularly for urinary tract infections and warts. Tea tree oil – for skin conditions like eczema and also for toenail fungus. Coconut water – for upset tummy and good for an energy boost.

  2. I just went through 5 days of the same crapola. I used Vitamin C, homemade chicken soup, colloidal silver and lots of Kleenexes. Well..along with an antihistamine/decongestant – sorry.

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