Webcomics… the New Frontier?

In addition to exploring all things graphic in print, I’ve also started following a few web comics.  Ok, I’ll be honest. I liked their Twitter feeds and followed them there, and then happened upon the comics as they posted updates.

Now, I read webcomics as part of my blog-reading and online browsing habits.  They are an interesting medium, because you don’t have to read them from cover to cover (though some certainly lend themselves to that).  They are not always best read in order.  And they are not always funny.

WGDraws, who writes the cutest little comics under that Twitter handle, also draws “therapy tales” cartoons as part of a blog on therapy. I like the way the visual and the written interact. I like that it’s not always funny, but often is. I like that it makes me feel and think on different levels.

Among the dip-in, dip-out comics, I like Lunar Baboon, Many Dull Knives and Vinnie the Vampire for 30 seconds of amusement. I haven’t started that the beginning and waded through the whole feed on these. I like them as little bites. Little tastes of new art and interesting twists.

Then, then there are the storytellers.  There are the ones that you have to click “First” and start at the beginning. The ones that will suck hours out of your days until you catch up with their story lines.   Sometimes there are stand-alone comics that can be read and laughed at, and then moved along. One example is this Life… After Death comic that makes me giggle.  But really, to understand the updates, you need to start at the beginning and go from there. I like watching the artist’s progression as they sink into the work.

Another one that shows web comic progression (and that I am still reading from back to front) is Faith Erin Hicks. I recently bought the hardback version of Superhero Girl and it has passed the ultimate test of a book in my house – it got loaned out for others to read.

The last one is called GrrlPower, and I’ve struggled with deciding which single page to link to. I love this comic. Hit the first button and dig in. Here is the first page that I read. You can tell why I’m hooked….

What webcomics do you read? Do you have any recommendations for me?







4 thoughts on “Webcomics… the New Frontier?

  1. Thank you for the mention and for reading Life..after Death! I love your blog and I look forward to reading your novel! 🙂

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