Random Poem: Riddles for life

Riddles for life…..


Q:  What’s green and wears a mask?

A:   The Lone Pickle.

A harmless joke

One of my favorites when I was a little girl.

But is it harmless really?

Why is the Lone Pickle all             Alone?

Why doesn’t he say “Hi-Ho Sandwich Away!?”

And what about his Deli-cious sidekick

salty but loyal PotaTonto chips?


Q:  Where did the first donuts come from?

A:  Greece

Did they really?

I know it’s just a play on words

But now I have to Google that.


Q: Have you ever seen an elephant hide in a tree?

A:  Hide pretty well, don’t they?

When I was a kid I always said “Hide pretty good.”

But it should be an adverb describing

how the elephant hides, even Word’s grammar check

underlines that with a green squiggly line.

So I’m teaching my stepson to say “hide pretty well”

Before he tells that joke to my mother-in-law.


This poem was written for a contest. No, I didn’t win. Happy April 1st.


What do you think?

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