My Love-Hate Relationship with Yard Sales

Yard Sales.

Love getting rid of stuff that isn’t ready for a landfill but I don’t want in my house anymore. 

Hate all of the work of sorting and sifting through the stuff I have in my house to identify what needs to go.

Love making random unbudgeted cash money.

Hate the dumb prep stuff like having cash to make change and spare bags and boxes for people.

Love the feeling of release and emptiness, openness.

Hate the feeling of waste when stuff doesn’t sell.

I really really dislike all of the work that I have to put into these things. With Brett’s schedule, it is inevitably me, by myself, with no pee-breaks, for several hours.  This weekend, we’re going to Brett’s mom’s house and clearing out the last of his stuff that’s still in storage there. It will be good to get it cleared out. She can have the openness, the space. We will get a new bed. (The one we’re using is shot, and Brett had one there that was practically new. This is all very frugal.)

The money from the yard sale will go toward re-doing the bedroom. We got bedding as a Christmas gift (Brett’s mom has been in on this plan all along), so I’ve got some painting and a craft-project to undertake to get the bedroom.  A little light refresh for the house, nothing major.  If there’s extra, I might go for some of the storage ideas I’ve had, but it would have to be significantly more than I’m planning.

I’m not wild about it, but it needs to be done.


5 thoughts on “My Love-Hate Relationship with Yard Sales

  1. The professional organizer part of me is very proud of you! The writer part of me actually loves yard sales (at least in theory), because they tend to draw some wonderfully quirky people–and quirky people have stories. My favorite is the dour woman my husband described as a closeted priestess of Isis who bought a cheesy replica Egyptian dagger. You just never know where the next novel is going to come from…..:D

  2. I like the clearing of clutter, making extra spending money, and meeting the people. I don’t know as I ‘hate’ the stuff you do, but rather put up with it as part of the process. Oh….and I take p breaks if I need to they will wait. If you’re worried about your stuff, wait until someone you know can hang out for 2 minutes.

  3. You’ve just reminded me of how badly my closet needs a go-through. 😛

    – Love it when everything is gone and my space is less cluttered
    – Hate everything and all the work up till that point.

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