Practically Perfect…

April 7 through April 13, my husband and I will be competing in a challenge. The winner gets to determine the loser’s Facebook and Twitter profile shots – so this is about public shaming, mostly.

The challenge is to see which of us can be “more” perfect.

When we talk to people about our plateaus and our weight loss challenges, we often say “I do everything right, and still I can’t lose.”  I call bullshit first on the “doing everything right” part. We do everything we can do and still have a normal life.  We get enough sleep and exercise, but probably overeat. We eat right and exercise, but undersleep. We do cardio, but miss strength training.  You get the idea.

I want to try to be perfect next week.  I want to try to be perfect with the understanding that this is unrealistic. I want to see what I have to give up to reach that perfection. To figure out what was hard about it, which ways it was easy. The idea would be to find a way to make this work in the real world, in real life, amidst family holiday dinners and rainy days when running sounds horrible.   The challenge is time bound: one week. I wanted it to be doable. I wanted it to be long enough to see the challenges and opportunities without being so long it became impossible.

We’re competing because it keeps Brett interested, mostly.  The competition is % of goals met in terms of cardio, strength, sleep, calories, peace and crunches.  In the event of a tie, we will roll the challenge into week two, applying lessons learned, and upping the stakes.

I feel like I should add writing goals into my “perfect” picture, because that’s part of it for me. I need to be able to balance a daily blog post and a daily walk. I need to write in my journal and do crunches. Maybe in week two or three I will incorporate those concepts.



3 thoughts on “Practically Perfect…

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