Making and Breaking Habits… Checking in

I set out to break some habits this year, and I thought it would interesting to take a moment and evaluate how I’m doing with those:

First, I set out to break the habit of hitting snooze. The goal was to get up and do yoga every morning rather than snoozing. Brett would get home from work, and I’d keep him from drifting off by hitting the snooze repeatedly.

I did really well with this and it made me miserable. For the first six weeks of the year I did exactly what I set out to do. I craved more time snuggling, more touch more contact. I felt super needy. Then I realized that those snooze breaks snuggling with Brett after he got home from work were actually fulfilling a need. They had never been useless. I had chalked them up as laziness. What they were was connection.

I have scrapped this goal. I hit snooze a little less often – maybe 3-4 times instead of 6-7 times. But I don’t beat myself up about it any more.

Second habit – social media checks. This one has had mixed results. I’m not quite as bad about it as I was at the beginning of the year. It depends on the day, what’s going on, and how bored or stressed out I am. I schedule a number of posts and reply to things addressed to me, and do a few “management” sessions each week, but that’s it. I feel like I’m controlling it, rather.

Third habit – negative self talk. This one is interesting. I never really took steps to implement it, but I’m doing okay with the intention and mindfulness. I had been pretty negantive about the first habit – thinking I was lazy, and in self-reflection, mindfulness and gentleness with myself, I learned that it might not have been so lazy after all.

My sustain / bolster list is still in the same basic state…. need to keep sustaining and bolstering these!

  • Healthy sleep is always desirable. I’m sometimes better than other times.
  • Walking everywhere is also desirable. Now that the weathers better I will try to do this more
  • I’m okay with healthy eating, but I need to keep it up.
  •  … reading. Interestingly my reading has slowed significantly this year. I’ve abandoned a lot of books.

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