Resolution reminder

Well, I already check in on my habits this week, I guess it’s also time to check in with how I’m doing with this year’s goals.
The overarching goals were about how I feel. I want to feel Invigorated, Generative and Connected.


This week’s “perfection” challenge is specifically about this. Still trying to figure out the right balance of self-care and self-bludgeoning to get myself into the shape and size I would like to be. I have tried a lot of various tactics this year so far, and so far have had limited results, if any at all.

The concrete goals about feeling boundless energy, fitness, etc were:

  • Get to my target weight the healthy way (sleep, diet, fitness) – still needs work
  • Morning workouts for daily vigor – still needs work

Do I feel, overall, invigorated? Um, not so much. I’ve been tired a lot – stressed. Worn down. This needs a lot of work. Or, perhaps it really needs a break. A vacation?


This was about connection to other people and connection in the cosmic sense.  There weren’t many concrete goals about this, because with the wedding last year, I feel pretty in touch with everyone.

The only concrete goals about this were:

  • Name change (exit identity limbo) – still a few loose ends
  • Go on a Greek honeymoon with Brett! – on track
  • Adding a New One! Go to my 20th High School Reunion this summer…?

Have I felt connected? I’d say yes.


The idea behind this feeling was one of boundless ideas, enthusiasm, creativity. I’ve done ten weeks of Finding Water as a part of this work, and I’ve got a lot to show for it. I really have felt generative (sometimes overwhelmingly so).

As for that huge list of  concrete goals in this area:

  • Finishing Maaneshin script and submitting – on track. I will be able to finish issue one of the comic and get it to the artist soon. I’m hoping before the honeymoon, actually.
  • Working on the collaborative script project underway – paused, not in my control
  • Come up with a speaking topic for a conference and pitch it – I chatted a few times about this with speakers,  but nothing has really coalesced.
  • Publishing contract for Salvaged – step backward for revision prior to agent queries, but still on the “wait and see” list for Harper Voyager, too.
  • Robust Author Platform to support that – this is doing okay. I still have work to do, of course, but I’m feeling on track.
  • Agent queries, etc (if necessary) – revision prior to.
  • Get first draft of Quarantined done – not begun
  • Get Crashed printed in a magazine – requires revision / rewrite.

What do you think?

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