Everyday Among the Extraordinary

Brett wears his Vibram Five Fingers “toe shoes” whenever he can. He says they are very comfy. In general, the feedback is that they look pretty weird:

vibram five fingers shoes


The other day, he said “There should be more toe shoes in science fiction.” and that made me think about everyday objects that are sort of high tech and sci fi, and might actually be an interesting addition to a sci fi setting.  Not sure if toe shoes make that list. But I think our smartphones, and personal gadgetry should be more highly used.  I think the key to remember with creating new things for the future – depending on how distant that future is – is to remember your lessons from Back to the Future II.

Technological advances only go as far as they need to.  The reason we don’t have flying cars is not because there isn’t the technology to build them.  It’s because people are A-OK with their regular wheels on the ground cars. We don’t need them.

We did want the Jetsons robot maid, though, so Roombas are scooting all over floors.

Likewise, there are certain mundane things missing from sci fi that perhaps shouldn’t be missing.

Some of my favorite answers to the tweet I sent out about that question came from my friend Stephen over at Hackerverse.com. He said that the things missing most were “food, art and kid’s toys”



What do you think?

What is missing from the sci fi worlds you read and watch?

What mundane things don’t exist in these worlds? What things are already “good enough” that no one will bother inventing a better one?



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