It’s Hard to Be Perfect

Just checking in on this, the day after the close of the perfection challenge.   The final tallies are in, and the perfect one among us is ….


It is comforting to know we’re all human, isn’t it?  Brett messed up one day of food, missed a day of crunches.  I didn’t get eight hours of sleep two of the nights of the challenge.

As a result of the tie, we have another week of perfection to test our skills of stubbornness and strict self-denial.   I’m going to apply some of my lessons learned to week two, though.  After all, the whole point of this process was to learn how to make it doable and realistic to stick to in the longer term.

So far, here’s what I’ve learned. 

  • Planning out nutrition and meals is hard, but effective. I had an easier time sticking to calories per day when I knew what was next, and I knew when I had to stop. It was also an easier process for grocery shopping once I had it all planned out and down to the amounts of each item.  
  • However, I will say that planning out both mine and Brett’s nutrition felt a little taxing. It was a lot of work (and then when he ate lunch off-plan one afternoon, I felt really hurt and frustrated by it.)   Brett does like having a printout of the diet plan though. He liked being able to check off what he’d already eaten and pacing himself based on the snacks and meals listed. 
  • Afternoon snacks are the bomb, and I need to plan for those going forward.
  • Walking 10K steps each day is do-able, but it takes work and planning.  I get about 7-8K each day on my commute. Those last 2-3K are harder to squeeze in than it seems. (3K steps is roughly a mile, in case you’re wondering).
  • I dislike doing crunches, but it’s not that hard to fit them in.
  • The hardest of the workouts for me to add into my day was the strength training 3 times through the week.
  • By Thursday, I felt like I was undereating. The can of cat food smelled appetizing when I cracked it open. This is a bad sign.  Higher calories for higher-calorie days, if not a few more for me through the week.
  • Also, I wasn’t sustaining a sense of satiety through the day, so I think I need to add more complexity to my meals and snacks. More protein, especially. I also think a little more snacky stuff would be useful  (by snacky stuff I mean raw veggies… I”m thinking of adding low-fat cheese to this list).

The other thing I learned was that I have other things that I would include that have nothing to do with fitness or weight loss. There are daily / weekly things that if I don’t do them, I feel frustrated or out-of-sorts. I don’t think I’ll add them to the challenge, but they might go on my personal list.


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