No Comment

I have friends who ran the Boston Marathon yesterday. My friends who ran the Boston are insanely quick runners. They finished ahead of all of the explosions. Everyone I personally know is okay, but that doesn’t make the situation okay. I can’t imagine what the city, those runners, and everyone else is going through.  I send compassion and love to everyone.

But I won’t read about it.

I won’t watch it on the news.

I will flit right past the tweets on the topic, and I don’t scroll my Facebook feed after things like this happen. I can’t. I won’t.

I’ve told you before, I think attention matters. 

I am not going to attend something that will only make me sad. I’m not going to attend something that makes me angry with the world. Because my attention doesn’t help that situation. It doesn’t help those people. It hurts me to dwell on things I cannot change or impact.

People spend time on my feeds drawing my attention over to violence in other countries — Americans are always so shocked when it happens here.  I am aware of those deaths, that pain, just as I am of Boston.

Again, I’m not going to click the link. I’m not going to watch the newsreel.

If this seems selfish, that’s because it is.

It doesn’t help me to stress myself out or get myself worked up about things that happen that I can’t do anything about.  I’m not going to travel anywhere to help. This is not a call to action for me. I can send love and hope. That’s what I can do. I don’t need to be wrapped in worry to do that.

Sending love and hope. To everyone.



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