…..And another new project

I’m a glutton for punishment. I’m also generative – new ideas bouncing out of everywhere. This one should be relatively short, as projects go, for me.

I have a friend with a collaborative webcomic project called End of Times that is all apocalyptic fun.

It can contain and include any number of universes, and I think it needs to include the universe from Salvaged.   Carlo has agreed to draw my world if I get him the storyline.  We’re going to give the backstory on one of the antagonists from Salvaged. A short story about how he came to be.  It predates the story timeline by 2-3 years.  The world has enough stories that I’ve always intended to do little offshoot pieces like this from it.

I’m also super excited to try out telling the story in a different medium. I’ll link to it once it’s up.

I’m eagerly anticipating seeing my world drawn through someone else’s eyes.

He’s already sent one sketch! I will share them here when we both deem them “ready”.

This will be the first comic project that I actually get to see through to completion on a shorter timeline, which is also making me really excited. I want to hurry up and do it now!


Update – Look over here if you want to see an actual character sketch


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