Gotta Wanna Oughta

I’m thinking about my to do list for today, for the weekend, and I thought I’d explain to you my “prioritization” technique. It’s a little silly, but effective. I separate out my list into “gottas”, “wannas” and “oughtas”.

  • Gotta: Stuff I HAVE to do or something will go terribly wrong.  (Obtain food, pay bills, launder clothing for work)
  • Wanna: Stuff I WANT to do (usually involves writing, the woods, or both)
  • Oughta: Stuff I neither want to do, nor have to do, but feel like I ought to have on a to do list somewhere.  (These will often become “gottas” in a few weeks) This section is purely to appease my sense of “shouldiness”. I generally ignore it.

Now that you know my categories, here’s a first crack at this week’s list:


  • plan meals, get groceries
  • wash clothes
  • get pet food
  • Honeymoon itinerary and questions, research bike rentals


  • Go out into the woods
  • finish reading/editing Salvaged
  • pre-write blog posts for next week so there aren’t any unplanned scribblings like this horrible one
  • Figure out pagebreaks on Maaneshin issue one and see how many more pages I should write, how much of the story is missing
  • Email the outline of Uncounted to Carlo for sketches
  • Revisit Crashed  because I’d really like to get it on the blog
  • Read the comics I bought last weekend
  • Finding Water check in.


  • Clean up the yard sale aftermath in the front room
  • Honeymoon wardrobe – what is on the shopping list?


Looking at this list, I think I need a shirt that says “I’d rather be writing”


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