The text I couldn’t refuse



This morning, I was sitting down to my journal, ruminating over what random, fun thing I could add into my day.  I had my to do list ready, but nothing sounded like FUN. Nothing was enlivening, interesting.

I want to do something. I needed cat on lap time, but I also needed to get out of the house.

Then my phone buzzed.

A text from a writer friend. Lisa fenced with me in college – we fought Varsity Foil together. She’s also a sci-fi/ fantasy writer. In fact, she was at the coffee shop with me the day Salvaged was reborn.


Oh yes…. I’m intrigued.  Do go on….

I knew I’d say yes if it were feasible.


What the… Sure. Ok. I’m in.

This is going to be hilarious. I’m already giggling.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change sounds exactly like somewhere you ought to invite someone like me. (I have a rather strong baby phobia. As long as no one tries to hand any of the littler ones to me, I’ll be okay.  I’m just scared I’ll break ’em.)



Ah. The favors one will do for old college friends and writing buddies.

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