Versatile Blogger Award

My friend CJ Sullivan nominated me for a Versatile blogger award!

The idea behind the award is that it goes to blogs that present a variety of different kinds of topics about different kinds of things. (I don’t know whether I do that at all on purpose, or whether it just happens that way!)

So, the way this works is I come up with seven facts about me and then nominate other versatile bloggers.

However, I’ve done more than one of these award post things with facts about myself. I’ve got 11 things over here, Seven more over here, I answered questions over here, I even filled out a Proust questionnaire. And, in my occasionally reposted introduction post, I explain quite a lot about myself.

In fact, I challenge new folks to tweet me their answers to a few questions on my intro post, but I’ve never answered those myself.  I shall do that for this award factoid list!

  • When you forget your umbrella do you get rained on, or walk in the rain? – I’ll have to say that this depends greatly upon the ambient temperature and my destination.  I prefer to walk in the rain, but sometimes if I’m headed to work, or if it’s bitter and cold, I’m not quite so serene.
  • What color is the sky when you nudge the person beside you and breathe “Hey, look at that!”?  Streaky clouds of orange and pink and gold.  Or the crepuscular clouds “God clouds” where the sunlight streams through the grey.
  • What is your preferred vehicle for caffeine? If you are the decaf sort of person, what is your worst vice?  I drink 2 cups of coffee then switch to tea. I’m allowed one caffeinated tea, then I switch to decaf. This is my process. I like all of it, but my vice is chocolate.
  • What makes you feel more connected to the people around you? Meditating, and sharing breath. Yes, that’s cheesy, but I get all Namaste after a yoga class, after an art class. Creating with people really makes me feel connected.  Also exercising and working out – like dance classes or hiking.
  • Use three words to describe something or someone that you love with no reservation and all of your heart – but don’t tell me who or what it is.  Thief, Imaginary, Phoenix

I know that’s not seven, but I’m going to start repeating myself if I”m not careful laying out the factoids.  Okay, now I’m supposed to nominate other versatile bloggers. Consistent bloggers who post about various things or in various ways.  My nominees are:

  • Artipeeps is the ultimate collaboration and show of artful versatility! Combining art, prose, poetry, everything in between to communicate. (I’m collaborating with the artipeep folks for a writing project this summer!)
  • Dreampunk Geek is a prose blogger and artist who posts her own art, and cosplay creations as well as other neat stuff.
  • Brenna Layne is a college friend of a high school friend of mine and now my online friend. Oh, and she’s a spanking good writer.
  • J. Elizabeth Hill writes mostly about writing, but she is one of those consistent encouraging, inspiring voices out there. She makes me feel better about my writing almost every day. She should be on your must-follow list.
  • Sabrina’s Library is my fifth and final nominee, because she is one of the cocreators of #plottymouths, because she writes about books and writing as well as getting crushes on her characters, and because she’s one of those Twitter people that my day is not complete without.

9 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thank you, AK! Your timing is brilliant. I was just having one of those “what the hell am I doing and who do I think I am, prancing around pretending to be a writer?” days. Thanks for the encouragement.

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