Salvaged update

Last night, I finished my reread of the latest draft of Salvaged.

My overall impression was a good one. I introduced some continuity questions with the new first chapter, so I’ll need to flow that into the plot.  I also need to add a final chapter, while there is closure, there is no denouement.  I want to add more depth to one of the protagonist’s relationships in that scene.

I really do feel like I can get this book to the point where I can call it “as done as it’s going to get”.  I don’t think I can ever call it truly done, but that’s because I’m the writer. I will need someone outside the work to call a halt to the edits.

Here’s what happens next:

  • Finish fleshing out the new opening and try to see what continuity will need to flow through the final story
  • Nail down the timeline and see how long it would take Careen to heal from her various injuries through the course of the plot
  • Write the denouement chapter
  • Minor line edits that I saw during my read-through
  • then get this latest draft to my already-selected very small group of Beta readers.

Ohhhh, but you guys don’t care about that. You want to know about the author stuff. So here’s that skinny:

  •  Still haven’t heard back from HarperVoyager. They haven’t sent out a submission update since February to let us know where they stand with their reading. My hunch is that they are waiting to do an update that says “everyone who hasn’t heard back is a definite maybe”, and they have finished the slush pile of yet to be read.  That’s my hunch. Don’t place any bets or anything. But, still, no news is good news.
  • Meanwhile, I want to get this MS where I can call it “done” so that I can get on with Agent queries.  Because I’m going to be away from the internet for 2 weeks next month, I plan on starting the query process in June.

That’s the update. Nothing too exciting, but I’m glad the read through went as well as it did. (I was only a little worried I would hate it!)

10 thoughts on “Salvaged update

  1. So any recent updates? I’m kind of selfish but I’m looking for a science fiction book of sorts to read and yours sounds pretty good, lol. Hope it’s going well. 🙂

    • I can’t tell you HOW MUCH this makes my day. 🙂

      I should have an update next week. Got the latest draft back from Beta Readers. Time to do final touch-ups before the queries begin.

      • Oh I’m glad. It really does sound good though. 🙂 So queries starting now? Hmm, that means about 6 months by the time it gets accepted and published. So… since that is a bit of time, any book recommendations to tide me over? lol.

      • Yes! search my blog for “On The Shelf” for my favorite authors 🙂 I love Ann Aguirre’s Sirantha Jax series if you want hard Sci-Fi, If you like comics and haven’t read “Saga” or “Y the Last Man” those are both musts, and I’m currently devouring anything I can find by Octavia Butler. 🙂

      • Saga is new to me but I am familiar with Y the Last Man. I believe the writer, Brian K Vaughn is involved with the new Stephen King show, Under the Dome. Purchased first Sirantha Jax book, looks fun! 😀

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