Eighth Grade Science Fair

(It is Friday. I still haven’t pre-planned my blog posts.  I’m sleepy.)

A little scanned montage of my Eighth Grade Science Fair project. It was the only Science Fair where I got a “superior” and got to go to the State competition.

(Many of my friends got to go multiple times, but I was a B-student and had other priorities.) 

The experiment was to see which fire-retardant chemical rendered fiberglass chips less flammable.  My dad worked with me on this, obviously.  We added the fire retardant chemicals to small batches of the resin, and made the chips.  That’s what those first two pictures are from.

After they cured, we set them on fire with a blow torch.

(My eighth grade science fair project included a blow torch. I’m that cool.)

I watched for 2 things, the containment of the flame – did it stay in one spot or spread across the chip? –  and how long the flame lasted before it went out.

You know what kept the flame the most contained and made it go out the fastest? Drywall. I’m not kidding. The same stuff we use in drywall boards – gypsum – was the best at keeping the highly flammable compound of fiberglass resin contained and snuffed out.

Makes you give your house a snug and happy grin, doesn’t it?


The bottom picture is from States, me getting my trophy in my rockin’ 80’s perm and acid wash miniskirt.

Happy Friday, y’all.


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