Comment Replies and Thank You Notes

I just spent about 20 minutes replying to and rereading every comment on my blog over about the last month. I know I should do it more frequently. It’s a sign of blogging narcissism when a writer doesn’t at least try to respond to the comments, and that is never good.  The problem with my replying is twofold – I’m lazy, and I don’t like to reply when I’m at work.  I actually try to not log in to WordPress at all when I’m at the office.  I try to keep those boundaries pretty sharp.  Work stays there (and doesn’t creep home with me), and home doesn’t go to work except at lunch hour.

The other thing I’ve been neglecting are the dozens of blogs that I follow. It would bring in more readers if I actually used my WordPress reader and poked around on the blogs of those people I follow.  I would be able to meet new people, discover new writers, and simply enjoy the blogging community more if I took the time to do this.

I don’t have any free time. Have I mentioned, I have no free time?  There’s a part of me that whispers that reading blogs is as important as reading books.  And there’s a part of me that agrees.  The problem is that I have to prioritize.  Sometimes, stuff doesn’t get done.

So, I’m sorry if I’ve JUST NOW finally replied to your comment. I love you. Come back. Thank you for reading. Thank you for checking back. Thank you for being here.


Now get out of here before I reach the “I love you guys” stage.


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