May the Fourth Be With You AND Free Comic Books!

Happy Star Wars Day! Also, happy Free Comic Book Day.

In honor of FCBD, I’m going to list all of the comic series I’m in the middle of reading and enjoying (and where I am) – this list is in alphabetical order to keep my children from worrying who is my favorite.



My interest in the fairy tales among us waxes and wanes, but I keep going back.  I’ve read the first three trades. #4 is in my hands and waiting for the mood to strike me. There are more volumes of this than Ethan has grandparents.


A new series that hasn’t come out in trade form yet. Not sure whether I’ll wait for the trades or keep slowly collecting the issues.  This is magic and zombies and Vikings.   Good stuff.

Mind the Gap

I love the play on the British rail announcement. This is best described as a paranormal thriller / mystery.  I just read the first trade and will ask for #2 for my birthday when it comes out.


Star-crossed lovers of the interstellar war variety, an assassin with a conscience, and in-laws. What’s not to adore?  I’ve read the first trade paperback and cannot wait to continue reading. Vol 2 goes on sale June 19, 2013.


Morpheus written and conceived by Neil Gaiman. *swoon* There are a TON of these out, I will never catch up. But I will enjoy being woefully behind. Ordered #s 6 and 7 at the last trip to the comic shop, and will be retrieving those today.

The Unwritten

Literary cabal and power of words. It’s magic and writing and bookworminess all in one.   I’ve read volumes 1-4, and have ordered the trades for volumes 5-7.  I’m avaricious for more.

Y the Last Man 

Post-apocalyptic gender wars. My sci-fi feminist side gets all gooey just thinking about it.  I’ve read the first trade paperback, and there are 10 more available!!! Off to locate #2 today….


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