Books I Enjoy (Series I’m reading)

There are a number of authors who don’t make the “on the shelf” cut because I simply don’t keep their work once it enters the house. I am content to read it on kindle. I don’t need to pass it along to the next set of eager hands.  I will happily recommend their work, and I love their books and writing.  I just don’t foresee myself rereading the books either.

Many of these authors are writing series of books that I enjoy and follow.  Like my Comic Book post the other day, I’m going to list the series I’m in the middle of, and how far along I am reading them.

Already On the Shelf:

  • Patricia Briggs – I’m going to read Frost Burned  next week, that will keep me up to date with both the Mercy Thompson series and Alpha / Omega series 
  • Jim Butcher – Proven Guilty is where I’ll start back into the Dresden Files.
  • Brandon Sanderson – I’ve still got to read Alloy of Law, and even though I know it will kill me to start a series that’s unfinished, I’d like to read The Way of Kings as well. 
  • Ann Aguirre – Sirantha Jax series, I’m on Doublebind
  • Jeff Overstreet – I believe I’m on book three of the Auralia thread… will have to check my list
  • Anne Bishop – I’m on Book 2 of the Ephemera series

Other Authors I love:

  • Yasmine Galenorn – I have read both Otherworld and Indigo Court. I really prefer the Otherworld series. I’m on book 10 Courting Darkness
  • Ilona Andrews – reading both the Edge series and the Kate Daniels series. Only on book 2 of the Edge, Bayou Moon. I’m waiting for Magic Rises of the Kate Daniels series, and need to get my hands on Gunmetal Magic. 
  • Karen Chance –  her Cassandra Palmer series, next up is Hunt the Moon
  • Carrie Vaughn – Kitty Norville series I’m on Kitty Steals the Show
  • Eileen Wilks – Lupi series – I have read all of them except the most recent, Mortal Ties
  • Kelly Gay – Charlie Madigan series –  have Hour of Dust and Ashes impatiently waiting
  • Gini Koch – Aliens / Kitty Katt series – only on book 2 – Alien Tango
  • Kevin Hearne – Iron Druid series – books 4 and 5 is going on vacation next week (Tricked and Trapped)

I’m not including the series I’ve finished, or those that I’ve abandoned. There are some that I enjoy a great deal but have grown frustrated or bored with over time.  That might be a post for another day.  These are the ongoing loves for which I will chase down publication dates and novellas in anthologies.


2 thoughts on “Books I Enjoy (Series I’m reading)

  1. I, too, am waiting for Frost Burned, Gunmetal Magic. I have the Kelly Gay one if you need it.

    Quite a few of these are on my ‘have read’ list, but then I use the library more frequently.

    Of all these, only Kelly Gay is currently on my keeper shelf. Not that I didn’t enjoy them very much, but due to space limitations I keep the series I know I will re-read.

    Also on my keeper shelf is Keri Arthur (Riley Jenson Guardian series), C.L. Wilson (Tairen Soul series – newest one on order), J.R. Ward (BDB series and Fallen Angel series), the whole Harry Potter series, Phaedra Weldon (Zoe Martinique series), and some random Dan Brown (DaVinci Code, etc.)

    I just finished The Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell and enjoyed it very much – it is much along the same lines of the Dan Brown books. I may add it to the shelf once it comes out in paperback.

    Authors on my current wishlist include Darynda Jones #4 and #5., Some Keri Arthur (Risa series #4 – #6) and I’d like to get a look at Kelley Armstrong’s graphic novels.

    I kind of thnk of my keeper shelf as the books I would take with me on a desert island. You know?

    • For me the keeper shelf “on the shelf” is about 3 things. (1) I know I want to read absolutely everything written by that author, (2) I will want to reread some of them, and (3) I will want to be able to loan those books to other people and get them reading my favorite authors.

      I have Frost Burned on the kindle, so I’ll read that on the trip. Have the Kelly Gay one just haven’t opened it yet.

      I also didn’t mention any of the series I’m done with, or any of the ones I’m halfway through and stopped caring about. 🙂

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