Random Flash Friday Entry

If you’ve never seen it before, visit Flash! Friday and take a look around. Each Friday,  I check out the images, and each Friday I get too swamped to be able to respond to the challenge. Last week, I finally managed to enter.  Below is last week’s image and the short-short story I scribbled in response:

We had made it. I wasn’t sure where, or what it meant that we’d made it. But my dad said we’d made it, and I believed him.

It wasn’t cold now, so I let my thick mittens drape around my neck. Dad took off one of his gloves so he could hold my hand – skin on skin. We didn’t touch like this very often, so I paid attention.

“Would you look at that?” he breathed, looking out over the water. His breath was misty in the air. Not as misty as the fog that was rolling in over the sea. The water looked like it might be ice, it was so still. The mist made me wonder how warm it was. Could we drink it?

We had walked all night to watch the sun rise in this spot, sliding up out of the sea, burning off the clouds. It looked like hope.


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