Beach Reads

What constitutes a beach read? What makes a book a “beach read” instead of a normal read?

I’m asking because I’ve never been to a beach to read. I’ve only ever been to beaches for afternoons, to tell the truth. I’m flummoxed by the idea of lounging at the beach. I’m worried I’ll get bored.  It’s a good thing I like to read.   My vague understanding of a “beach read” is that it’s something light, summery, relaxing, a little romantic, breezy, and easy.  I don’t think any of the books I’m going to read are going to qualify.

I am going on my honeymoon later this week. You’ll know when it happens, because I will stop conversing with people and just bleat out scheduled posts for the next two weeks.  I’m sorry about that, but I’m not blogging from Greece.

In fact, I’m not taking my laptop. I intend to keep working on my WIPs, I just plan to do it all long hand while I’m away.   In terms of reading and writing, this is what I’m packing:

  • My iPhone with an extra battery pack and a power converter to recharge. On the iphone, I have a Kindle app and access to Brett’s entire Kindle library.  (Brett is bringing his actual Kindle.)
  • A sketchbook and pencils.  This sketchbook will also serve as the multimedia journal for the trip. I will write my entries and my thoughts and to do lists and everything mixed in with sketches.

That means that my reading list will have to be what’s available on Brett’s Kindle. Luckily, he’s got good taste, and he’s willing to buy me a few extra books if I really, really need them.   I think I might start with what he’s already got on there, since otherwise, it would be a waste of money for us to both buy a copy (which we have been known to do).

On the list to be read on our transatlantic flights, layovers and transfers, downtime, and of course on the beach are the following books:

  • Currently in the middle of C.J. Sullivan‘s Wings of the Divided in the Kindle app on my phone, so I’ll finish reading that, first. 
  • Patricia Briggs’ latest Mercy Thompson book, Frost Burned
  • Jim Butcher’s Dresden files, I left off at Proven Guilty
  • Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series, I’ll start next with Tricked
  • Brandon Sanderson – Brett’s a huge Sanderson fan, so I have my pick of everything I haven’t already read by him on Brett’s Kindle. I
  • f I really wanted to, he has the whole Wheel of Time series on there, so that’s – what? 14 books all together?
  • George RR Martin – Game of Thrones has been on my TBR pile at the recommendation of a trusted friend long before HBO created the series.

So, that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-25 books that I don’t have to ask Brett to buy – he already has them in his Kindle cloud.  He has comic books and graphic novels in there as well, but while that’s readable on his Kindle Fire, I don’t think it’s a viable idea on my tiny iPhone screen.

In case you’re wondering why I don’t have my own Kindle, or my own cloud full of books. Here’s why I don’t want an e-reader, in spite of the fact that this is by far the lightest and easiest way for me to take a library of 25+ books with me on vacation.  As for why I don’t have my own cloud, it’s mostly because I’m frugal. I don’t want to spend money on books that I already own on paper, and I find it silly to buy a paper version of a book when Brett already has it on his Kindle. (Though I will probably have to own the Briggs and Sanderson ones,  eventually).


What do you think?

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