Hello, Vacation!

photo from danasvillas.net

photo from danasvillas.net

Brett and I have been on family visits and trips, but never on an actual vacation together. We’ve been together since 2006, and we’ve never gone somewhere for a little R&R without other “to dos”.

We both realized that taking a trip, getting out of the country and getting out to see the world a little with one another was very important to us.  So, when we got married last November, we completed a Honeymoon Registry online, instead of a traditional registry.

We even had a vintage travel theme to the wedding.  (Here is my obnoxious Pinterest board.)

Starting tomorrow, we’re headed on our honeymoon in Greece. Even though the hotels have wi-fi, I’m not taking my laptop on a honeymoon. No way, no how.

Therefore, you guys over here in the real world will get a series of preplanned blog posts. I plan on reblogging and sharing some older stuff that you might not have seen before.  You’ll probably also have to wait for actual photos and updates from the trip until we fly home.

Behave yourselves while I’m gone.


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