Honeymoon Reblog: Don’t Shake Science

Honeymoon reblog:  This is a post from October 2012. My previous reblogs were very deep and serious. Here’s something a little lighter for Saturday morning. 

My soon-to-be stepson spends Saturday nights at our house, and his dad often has to work.

This means that these evenings consist of the two of us hanging out. I’m boring. In addition to being boring, I’m horribly educational.

However, I was that kid who got a microscope for Christmas and spent the next two years trying to use my scalpel to make a slide I could see under it. (skin from a blister was pretty awesome).  I also enjoyed playing “potions” with my friends.

Remembering this, I engaged Ethan in science experiments one Saturday evening. We experimented, hypothesized and made messes for about 6 hours straight. We cut glass with string, fire, acetone and a sink full of cold water; we looked up experiments online, and we proceeded to do every single one that we had the supplies for.

One of them was similar to the baking soda volcano I remember from fourth grade, but for the chemical reaction, you use yeast and peroxide.green erupting "volcano"

Let me tell you – it “erupts” for about an hour longer than baking soda.  We used a 20 oz plastic bottle from the recycling bin, a ridiculous amount of green food coloring and we erupted this frothy stuff for a good 30 minutes. It went everywhere. We left the bottle on the porch because it was still pretty dribbly even when we were tired of watching it.

The next day, Ethan excitedly told his dad all about the SCIENCE we did the day before, and showed him the bottle. And he shook it.

Apparently, remixing the catalyst that had separated created the same effect as the initial chemical reaction. It went EVERYWHERE.

Brett looks at the kiddo while trying to clean him up enough to let him back inside the house and asks “What did we learn from this?”

Ethan looks up at his dad, covered basically to the shoulder in green froth and says totally straight faced: “Don’t Shake Science.”

I think that’s a rule we should all live by, don’t you?

(P.S.  My favorite experiment happened later that same afternoon when his dad decided we needed to discover the optimal number of Mentos to add to a 2 liter bottle of Coke to create maximum distance of frothiness without wasting Mentos. The answer is Four.)



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