Honeymoon Reblog: A is for Athena

This is a very dorky Honeymoon reblog from June 2010.  This was the post I wrote after completing my first duathlon. I’ve since done… (pauses to count medals)… five more. I have made friends, and continue to love multisport after this first event. I’ve continued to improve my times.  But that’s not why I’m posting this.
I’m posting this because in multisport, there are weight classes. The guys above a certain weight threshold are called “Clydesdales” and women above a certain weight are called “Athenas”. You don’t get your age on the back of your calf like everyone else. You get your weight class. That’s what the title of the post is referring to, and what the picture below depicts.
I’m an Athena in terms of multisport races. I’m going to Greece on my honeymoon. To Athens. To the Acropolis. I will have to run bike run a bit in honor of my patron Goddess, don’t you think?  
A is for Athena – a woman over 150 still wants to race
B is for Bicycle – finely tuned to set the pace
C is for Coconut Water – allergic-girl’s version of gatorade
D is for Duathlon – my first run-bike-run done and made
E is for Enthusiasm – I still had some left at the finish
F is for Friends and Family – I knew I had your best wish
G is for Georgia – Hot time to do this stuff
H is for Hydration – Important in 84 degrees to get enough
I is for Independence – all alone out on the course
J is for Jubilance – I did it! I even sorta want to do more
K is for Keeping my energy up
L is for Listening to my heart rate for when to stop
M is for the Medal I won being the only Athena for miles
N is for Numbers – marked on arms and thighs
O is for Obstinance – I wasn’t going to give in
P is for Perserverance – 2 hours and 54 mins
Q is for Quiet – all by myself on that road
R is for my Race Belt – dorky but necessary tote
S is for Sunscreen – amazed I didn’t get burned!
T is for Timing – I had a captive audience at the end
U is for Undertaking something bigger than myself
V is for Victory – and a medal on my shelf
W is for Winner – I won just because I could
X is for Xrays that I don’t need because I’m good
Y is for Yawning after the pause
Z is for Zebra, just because.

What do you think?

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